Random Person Gives Struggling Family $50,000 After They Deal With An Unfortunate Accident

Sometimes life throws surprises at us. With the luck of a draw, we may come across a hundred dollar bill on the ground. On a bad day, we may end up in a fender bender collision. That’s just how life works: you have the best day of your life. Then other days, you deal with something disappointing.

For a family of four in Idaho, everything was going great. Parents Brad and Erica were well on their way to building a new home from scratch. The home was coming together, that is, until Brad slipped while constructing the home, fracturing his leg in the process.

Immediately, Brad was rushed to the hospital. He later learned that he had developed a staph infection in his leg that could not only potentially kill him, but healing from the infection would cost him his leg. In addition, the father of two would require a double hip replacement.

Not only were the medical bills through the roof, but the family’s financial situation took an even bigger blow when Brad was forced to stop working due to his condition. With his wife being a stay-at-home mom, this made things even more complicated.

Erica did everything in her power to be the best mom, wife, and provider for her family. She took a job as a school bus driver, was the primary caretaker of both her recovering husband and two children, and was keeping the household in order.

But the money coming in was nothing compared to the sky-rocketing bills the family had. Eventually, the situation got so bad that Brad and his family had no choice but to move into a friend’s garage.

In the meantime, although he was struggling, Brad tried his best to uplift his wife during the hard time they were all going through. “Even when I get down, he’s the one who says ‘It’s just one day at a time. We’ll be fine,” shared Erica.

While Brad was always mostly optimistic and wanted his wife to be the same, even he was overwhelmed. But just when the couple felt like their situation would never get better, they were the lucky recipient of a special Secret Santa gift that is given to one lucky East Idaho family in need each year by an anonymous person. In 2019, the $50,000 prize went to Brad and his family!

With the monetary gift, the family would not only be able to get their family home finished, but they would be able to pay off debt from Brad’s medical bills. It was a miracle that the family needed but never saw coming and perfect timing, too, because the money would come in handy as Brad finished recovering before going back to work.

What a beautiful ending for a deserving family! Learn more about it below.

Source: Ron Project

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