Man Removes Snow Off His Roof With A Hammer And A Rope

While winter brings extra blankets, the excuse to drink more hot chocolate than usual, and the holidays, it also brings snow. While snow is fun to play in, it also happens to get everywhere. People have to shovel their driveways, wipe off their cars, and remove snow from their roofs—which happens to be what the video down below is about.

Removing snow from your roof can be a hassle, but it has to be done sometimes. In the video, a man shows how someone can remove snow from their roof using rope. While you could shovel away as you usually do, sometimes the snow on your roof is too thick and therefore, shoveling takes longer.

This method is simple, and all you need are a hammer and rope.

The clip begins by showing a house whose roof is completely covered in snow. A man, who is standing on the roof, throws some of the rope to the ground with a hammer tied to the end. He throws the rest of the rope over and around the snowpack before getting back safely to the floor.

Once he’s down on the ground, he starts pulling the rope, and right away you can see snow falling in small amounts. Make sure you wear gloves, first of all because it’s cold, but mainly to avoid getting a rope burn.

The man continues to pull the rope for a few more seconds when a huge pile of snow slides off the roof. Layers and layers of snow fall off easily with just a couple of tugs to the rope. The man, as you can see in the video, runs away when the snow falls, so make sure you do that, too. You want to avoid piles of snow falling on top of you.

The man then does another side of the home, and once again after about six or seven tugs, the pile of snow falls off, and there’s only a thin layer left by the end. He repeats this step for the rest of the house until there aren’t huge piles of crisp white fluff left on the house.

How do you shovel snow when too much of it gathers on your roof? Share your tips in the comments below!

And, if you want to watch how just one person can remove snow effortlessly with some rope, then click the video down below.

Source: ShareTap

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