Apparently Using A Fork With Some Ribbon Is How To Make The Perfect Bow

Feeling festive yet? Of course you are! One of the many fun things about the holiday season is that it gives us an excuse to bring out our crafty side. If you’re like me, the “crafty side” doesn’t get to see the light of day much because I’m just not very good at it. But fortunately, there are some people who are not only very creative but they are also very generous and willing to show us some very cool DIY tricks! [googlead]Handimania is one such person, and in the step-by-step instructional video below she shows us how to make decorative bows. And not just any decorative bows… TINY decorative bows that are absolutely beautiful! Put them on greeting cards, put them in your hair, or stick them on your gifts (presentation is everything, after all)! It’s such a cool little trick that has endless applications so give it a try!

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