Russian Mother’s Photography Transports Her Children And Farm To A Dream World.

Elena Shumilova lives on a farm with her two young boys and several animals. When she’s not busy running the farm, her artistic side draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her and she produces absolutely stunning and heartwarming photographs. As with most mothers, Shumilova doesn’t want to miss her children growing up. [googlead]Accordingly, her subjects are her two children and she captures incredible moments every day. From the gorgeous natural lighting to the masterful use of depth of field, it’s hard not to find yourself moved by her enchanting work. Feeling inspired? I know I am. If you’re curious, she uses a Canon EOS 5D Mk II and a 135mm lens.


Source: Bored Panda

Incredible work, Elena! I keep looking at these photos and the amount of depth that they contain just leaves me in awe.  This is such a priceless gift a mother can give to her children.

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