Sarah McLachlan And Pink Sing Haunting Duet To “Angel”

Sarah McLachlan’s 1997 song, “Angel” is known for many things. For many people, it’s known for being a song written in honor of Jonathan Melvoin’s passing. Others recognize the song for being featured in the ASPCA’s anti-animal cruelty campaign commercial or as a song they’ve heard on the radio. No matter where you first heard the song or what you associate when you hear it play, many would consider “Angel” to be a beautiful, soothing, yet sad song relatable to many scenarios.

McLachlan’s mezzo-soprano voice paired with her yodel-like singing is perfect for the song, giving the moving lyrics an extra dose of raw emotion. Due to the popularity of the song, McLachlan decided to pair up American pop singer, Pink, to sing a duet of the song at the American Music Awards. Their duet became one of the most talked-about performances of that night. The video of their performance is still being watched and shared to date.

During the performance, McLachlan, who’s wearing a fitted, spaghetti-strap dress, starts off her own song, both singing and playing the piano on the dimly-lit stage. Not long later, Alecia Beth Moore (Pink) pops out on stage with a sassy, leopard-print dress and her signature, short, platinum blonde locks. Pink, who’s also a mezzo-soprano, strongly belts out with her duet partner. The crowd is overjoyed!

Although the two women’s voices sound incredible together, Pink partakes in a remarkable solo in the song. Her voice may have rasp and a one-of-a-kind timbre, but interestingly, it works, despite the song usually being sung with McLachlan’s sweet voice.

As the song comes to an end, the Canadian singer and the American artist sing simultaneously once again. They might have two different styles, but they’re a lovely match!

The mezzo-sopranos received numerous positive comments, including this one:

“A duet like this with these two wonderful artists brings tears to my eyes. Sarah is such a wonderful and beautiful woman, strengthening and speaking to people all over the world. Pink singing unspoken words of the silenced people, and to those who feel less than wanted or needed. These two beautiful women are so beautiful.”

“Ironic, a duet of angels singing about Angels and sounding angelic! Cheers mate,” says another.

In fact, one of the videos of the duet that was posted two years after the performance has now earned over 7,400,000 views! I say that was well earned.

Don’t miss the incredible duet below. If you’ve already watched it before, it’s definitely worth listening to again!

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