Sassy Toddler Tells Dad She Has A Boyfriend,Their Argument Has The Family Laughing

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While for many parents, going through their child’s “terrible twos” phase is not terrible at all, many toddlers do, however, go through an adorable stage filled with independence and sass. It’s times like these where you have to give (or pretend to give) your children a little more freedom such as letting them “tie” their own shoelaces or “sweep” the floor. After all, we know that when a toddler wants to do something for themselves, they’re going to make sure they do it, even if it doesn’t meet the standards of their parents!

But, toddlers don’t just want to do things for themselves, they also want to make adult decisions. In fact, a two-year-old girl in one viral video decided to announce at the dinner table that she has a boyfriend. Even when her daddy calmly disproved, she made sure he knew who was boss! You just can’t bruise the ego of a confident toddler.

With a plate of pizza in front of her, the adorable two-year-old makes the big boyfriend announcement to everyone at the table as she nervously itches her nose. “Oh no you do not!” her dad replies as the rest of the family laughs.

“Yes I do!” “No you do not.” “Yes I do!” Don’t you know, Dad, that you can’t argue with a two-year-old? Toddlers win every time!

Then her dad tells the toddler that her boyfriend better be talking to him. The two-year-old is not too fond of that idea! At one point, she even does a facepalm when her dad makes it clear to her that him and her boyfriend need to have a little chat.

Hey, can we blame the toddler? It is pretty awkward having your significant other meet your family for the first time! There’s a lot of nervous jitters, and on both ends, we always think what could possibly go wrong.

In the end, I think we can learn a lot from toddlers, one of those things being that confidence sure does go a long way! Sometimes you have to stand your ground when you know you’re right, even if it only extends the argument.

To hear the full conversion between the toddler and her dad, check out the video below. Their little “argument” is absolute gold. Surely, you’ve heard similar things come out of other toddlers’ mouths!

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