Selfless Plumber Repairs Sick 91-Year-Old Woman’s Boiler For Free Before Christmas

Do you ever stop to question your luck when you think, “Yes, I finally have leftover money in my pocket after paying the bills!” only to be hit with a costly repair? Maybe your water heater started acting up, or your transmission just went out in your car. Uh-oh! It’s times like these that we wish we were a lucky lotto winner. Then again, my mom always told me, “That’s life.” In my humble opinion, I wish life could be just a little kinder on some people’s pockets.

A long-time plumber of Burnley, England, James Anderson, shares the same opinion as I do. When he was called to perform major work for a 91-year-old woman with leukemia, taking her money was the least of his concerns. With her retiree status, age, and current state of health, Anderson decided to repair her boiler free of charge.

Upon receiving the zero-dollar invoice, the elderly woman was stunned. On it read, “No charge for this lady under any circumstances. We will be available 24 hours to help her and keep her as comfortable as possible.”

Her daughter was equally as surprised, so surprised that she took the invoice to Facebook. Not long later, the post earned over 30,000 likes, 11,000 shares, and dozens of comments.

“Just proves that angels do walk on this earth,” commented Linda Berry.

Although this particular story went viral, the 91-year-old woman was just one of many people Anderson has helped with his non-profit work. The Burnley plumber has expended endless time, energy, and money assisting other people in his community with their otherwise expensive plumbing-related repairs. In fact, the plumber has gone into debt because of his free labor, but fortunately, he recently raised $100,000 in donations to ensure he’s able to keep his non-profit running.

As long as Anderson continues to receive donations, he will be able to make more residents in his region happy.

If you have extra cash sitting around in your bank, Anderson is currently collecting donations to provide free heating to 1,000 homes of elderly individuals this wintertime.

“Please help us to help keep the elderly warm this winter by donating to our campaign, and share the campaign using the hashtag  #warmerhearts,” he shares in the description of his GoFundMe page.

He’s also looking for volunteers to help with his wintertime mission.

“We would also love to hear from any plumbers up and down the country who would like to join our scheme and volunteer their time. Please do get in touch if you want to get involved!”

Even if you are unable to donate, sharing this article on social media can help Anderson receive the recognition he deserves and the contributions from others he heavily relies on to help the less fortunate live a little easier.

“Hopefully… we can bring all communities together for one common cause across the planet, so everybody who’s elderly and disabled, not just in the UK, can benefit from something like this in society.”

Anderson is an amazing man! Watch the following video to learn more about this incredible non-profit plumber.

Source: Relieved

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