Family Dog Inches Closer To Newborn And Gently Rocks The Baby

With the arrival of a brand new baby comes the art of learning how to juggle multiple tasks at once. Mom’s schedule immediately is full, attending to her child at every given hour; her own needs come second. It can be a little chaotic at the beginning. Feeding time, bath time, cuddles and naps are all high priority for her new bundle of joy as she gets used to the routine.

So, after bringing her baby home, when this new mom looked over to see a furry, helping hand (paw?) come to her aid, she was delighted and overcome with emotion. There’s a reason this is going viral, it’s just too cute and heartwarming to ignore!

While this precious little baby was napping in the rocker, it was mom’s opportunity to get some downtime, to sit down and take a minute. That’s when she noticed the family pet, a sweet and tender, but very curious Shiba Inu, come strolling up to the sleeping infant. Unsure at first how the dog would react, and immediately put on guard in case the pup made any sudden moves, mom was fully present, keeping an eye on the canine to see what she would do next. And what happens is just too cute for words.

Almost human-like, the dog looks longingly at the sleeping child, then lifts her paw and places it on the edge of the seat. She then proceeds to rock the baby! The dog is still, and gentle, and tenderly moves her paw back and forth. Then she moves in closer with her nose and mouth but not abruptly. She just pauses, hovering and sniffing, all while the baby is still sound asleep and not even fidgeting. The video time-lapses, showing the dog in different stages of getting up close and personal with the child, but it’s all sweet slow moving. The dog stops at one point to rest and recline beside the child, almost like she’s on guard. No one better mess with her, she’s one strong pup and will take care of her human puppy at any cost!

Then she lifts up her head and rests it on the side of the rocker. This sweet pup is one great babysitter and makes mom feel like she’s got an extra set of eyes on her baby. Shiba Inus make a good family pet. They’re very loyal and when trained and socialized at a young age, they are docile, kind, respectful and good with young children.

Click on the video below to watch this captured footage of a one kind-hearted pupper act gently with a sleeping baby.

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