Sleepy Dad Cradles “Newborn” While Mom Holds The Baby

Ah, sleep. Such a basic necessity, yet sometimes it can be so hard to come by. I know for myself, if I don’t clock in enough horizontal hours in dreamland, I am a wretched monster. Literally. I become a comatose coffee-guzzling, Redbull-downing zombie who’s sort of awake with one eye closed. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t comfortable. Things that usually make sense like counting change or stringing a sentence together just don’t compute when you’re sleep-deprived.

This new dad hasn’t slept, eager to be with his brand new baby who just came into the world! He’s thrilled to be spending these precious moments with his bundle of joy, except, there’s one problem–he thinks he’s rocking his new baby, but he’s not and someone else is.

In the hours and days following a child’s birth, the hospital room can get chaotic. First, there’s a new baby to wrap your head around! Secondly, there are nurses and doctors whizzing in and out to check up on the baby and new mom. Thirdly, there’s a stream of friends and family coming by to meet the new tiny human, and hang around and say hi. It can be exhausting. There’s just a lot going on, and it all takes concentration!

But once everyone disappears, it’s mom and dad’s time with the baby. In the video, mom is holding her baby, happy to have this bonding moment with her child. It’s a perfect moment, but dad is missing out–he fell asleep sitting in a chair at the end of the bed. In an attempt to startle and wake him up to join the rest of the family, mom rolled up a robe and threw it at him. It landed in his lap and woke him up enough to pick it up and start rocking it back and forth as though it was his newborn! And, he thinks it is! He’s gently rocking the bundled up robe, yawning, while adjusting the blanket.

Mom moves the camera from him holding the “baby” to her actually holding the baby. She moves the camera back and forth showing how sleepy her husband is to the point that he thinks he’s the one holding the child. It’s way too funny considering, well, you know how babies come into the world! Mom’s got it on lockdown!

Click the video below to watch this really funny misunderstanding that’s got mom wondering who’s the one that really needs a nap around here?!

Source: ShareTap

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