Sliced Chocolate Is Now A Reality… Your Breakfast Will Never Be The Same Again!

Everyone loves chocolate. That’s just a fact of life that we all have to deal with. But chocolate on sandwiches? Nutella has held the crown in that department for quite some time but a new challenger appears: a Japanese company called Bourbon! Think Kraft Singles cheese slices… except they’re chocolate. Sold yet? Bourbon uses “nama” chocolate, which is soft but more intense in flavour than milk chocolate. [googlead]Soft yet intense chocolate? Oh yeeeeeah. Bourbon sells the product online in 12 five-slice packs for 3,240 yen (about US $27) over here┬ábut note that the page is completely in Japanese. Anyway, here’s hoping that they start exporting this delicious treat. For now, check out all the wonderful things you can do with these marvels of chocolaty science.

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Source: Bored Panda

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