This New Type Of Robbery Is On The Rise…. But Here’s How To Prevent It!

Imagine you’re filling up your car at a gas station. Nothing special, right? It’s a fairly brainless activity that you can, for the most part, handle on auto-pilot. And unfortunately, that’s why so many people are falling prey to a type of robbery known as sliding. While you’re pumping your gas or going inside to pay the bill, far too many people don’t think to lock up their car since they figure 1. they’re nearby and 2. you’ll only be gone for a very short period of time.

But that’s exactly what sliders count on. Sliders will sit and wait beside your car, observing  you until you’ve completely dropped your guard, and then they’ll slide in to steal your belongings. Sadly, this type of crime is on the rise. While some sliders have been caught, many remain on the loose searching for more victims (they target women in particular).

In the video you are about to see, you will watch as the robbery happens. You can see the whole thing happen on security cameras and it’s pretty infuriating. Once you see how this works it becomes very obvious how easily it’s done and why it’s happening. But watching this will also teach you how to easily prevent it. All you really need to do is lock your doors when you leave the car, especially your passenger side doors. Even better, you should take your valuables with you when you pump gas or you go to pay the bill.

Watch this video, but stay calm, it’s very easy to prevent, and remember, keep your doors locked and your windows rolled up when you are not in the car!

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