Gigantic Dogs With Small Kids… My Heart Completely Melted At #9!

Can you saw “awwww?” Because if you can’t, then you’re going to tell me what kind of noises you made after seeing the photos below. These photos of kids with big dogs are insanely adorable. This simply cannot be denied. Now, not all big dogs are suitable around kids but if you’ve ever had a big dog with the right temperament, you know how incredibly sweet they can be. [googlead]Anyway, check out the photos and do your best not to let your heart melt into a goopy mess.

dogkid1 dogkid2 dogkid21 dogkid20 dogkid19 dogkid22 dogkid18 dogkid17 dogkid16 dogkid15 dogkid14 dogkid13 dogkid12 dogkid10 dogkid9 dogkid8 dogkid7 dogkid6 dogkid5 dogkid4 dogkid3 dogkid11

Source: Bored Panda

Geez… talk about cuteness overload. There are not enough w’s in the world for all of the awwwwwwwing I needed to do.

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