Mom Calls Repairman For Broken Washing Machine. The Moment He Opens It, Internet Goes Nuts.

Have you ever washed laundry, and then taken it out only to find out that one of your socks is missing its other half? You’re sure that both were in the washing machine when you started, so where in the world did the other one go? Well, Cathy Hinz found out one day exactly where missing socks go when they’ve disappeared. (And no, it’s not sock heaven.)

Cathy and her husband are property managers at a manufactured home park, and they were in the laundry room of that home park when her husband decided that it was time to fix the washing machine that wasn’t working properly. 

He took it apart, and what he found solved the case of the missing socks. At the very bottom of the machine, socks were filling up the entire bottom panel! Well, I guess it was sock heaven.

But the thing is that that’s not all Cathy and husband found. They also found a credit card in between the mountain of socks, too!

She added on, “When he removed the water pump that removes the water from the machine, he found about $7.00 in change.”

The woman shared not to believe when professionals tell you that your machine won’t eat small things because the 40 or so socks underneath that washing machine prove otherwise.

T.J. Holmes, a journalist that works for “Good Morning America,” shared on the show (yes, this viral story made “Good Morning America”) that you lose about 15 socks a year, and about 1300 in a lifetime. 1300 socks! So, time to think back—do you have any missing socks? Now you know that some of them are probably stuck at the bottom panel of your washing machine!

If you want to know how to find them, check out the video down below!

Source: FaithTap

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