Soldier’s Mom Freaks Out The Moment She Realizes Her Son Is Sitting Directly In Front Of Her

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one military reunion video. When soldiers come home safe and sound, and they finally come face to face with their loved ones, the raw emotions can be overwhelming. Shock, relief, excitement, and joy, all compressed into a single incredible moment. It’s not often that we get to see something so honest and so beautiful and this moment is only intensified when a soldier decides to make it a surprise, unexpected return.

We may not know the full, detailed story of the people in these videos but we can still appreciate the sacrifices that they made, putting their lives on the line. These videos remind us that there are very real men and women out there fighting every day to protect our way of life and the freedom that we enjoy.

In this particular reunion video, a soldier decided to surprise his mother by coming home a month earlier than he had previously told her. The soldier goes to his mom’s workplace and casually reads a newspaper to cover his face. For a while, Mom is nowhere to be seen because apparently “she went the wrong way at first” but we eventually see her in yellow, walking briskly almost right by her son! But the uniform catches her eye and she does a double-take before she finally realizes who it is, and her reaction is absolutely priceless! Mom simply can’t contain her excitement and it’s amazing!

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