Special Needs Teen Has No Prom Date Until Football Player Emerges From Curtains


Prom night is a very special evening for teens, and arguably, it may be even more special for girls. While guys ask a girl, rent a tux, and buy a corsage, girls may spend months planning and fantasizing about a beautiful romantic night that begins with a surprise “prom-posal”.

After the invite, there is the search for the perfect dress and matching shoes and jewelry. There are hair, nails, and makeup and the entire routine of turning a regular high school girl into a prom night princess.

Unfortunately, many special needs students will not have the opportunity to attend a high school prom. Proms are simply not designed for these students. So, the Folsom community has created “Evening of Dreams”, a prom for special needs students designed to make them feel like royalty. Students are escorted by other high schoolers, often student-athletes.

Maddie Morley was beyond delighted when Kooper Richardson, a football player from Folsom High School, planned a surprise prom-posal at their school. Maddie’s mom surprised her and watched as one of her daughter’s dreams came true. Of course the very excited Maddie said “Yes”!

“Going to prom…has been something [Maddie] has wanted to do since she was a little girl. And we never thought it would necessarily happen because there really isn’t, historically, a way for special needs students to be included in a prom,” said Maddie’s mom.

Maddie and Kooper had a fun, special evening filled with even more surprises for Maddie. But, there’s something else: Kooper found out the “Evening of Dreams” was scheduled the same weekend as his senior trip to Disneyland.

When asked to make a choice between the two events, he never thought twice about taking Maddie to her prom. What an amazing young man!

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