Parents Sit Baby Girl In Front Of Blueberries, The Moment That Follows Has Them Hitting “Record”

When your children are in their infant years, every little thing is a milestone and something to be thankful for. Even when your baby throws mashed potatoes across the room, or breaks a prized possession, you can’t help but smile. After all, the simplicity and innocence babies have are delightful in itself.

For one Nova Scotia, Canada baby, Summer, the moment she began to adorably munch on a giant bowl of fresh blueberries now shines on the internet. The video recording her act has earned over four million views and counting!

At first glance of the video, we notice that it’s a beautiful day and little Summer is sitting on the grass in a blue dress; her bald head is decorated with a blue and white flower crown. In front of her is a huge bowl of blueberries and it’s almost as big as she is! From the looks of her face, we can already tell Summer has been snacking away.

I can’t help but smile shortly into the clip when Summer eats a blueberry then turns to the camera to let out the sweetest giggle. She must really love those blueberries! Just watching her face get more and more blue as she eats is such a joy.

Once Summer turns slightly to her left, that’s when I noticed her eyes are also blue, just like the blueberries. At that point, I’m thinking, blue really is her color, despite what country singer Keith Urban has to say (different type of blue, but you get what I’m saying).

A bit later in the video, Summer she begins to play Patty Cake with the bowl of berries as she still scoops more into her mouth. She looks like she’s having the time of her life. Just watching her makes me realize that the little things truly can make us so happy.

It’s ironic because we spend dozens, if not hundreds of dollars, on toys for our little ones, but for Summer, she’s completely content with a bowl of this fruit from her local farmers’ market, the Vegetorium County Farm Market. But, that’s okay because everyone benefits here. Her parents got to shoot an adorable video to show Summer when she gets older, and Summer ate a healthy snack full of antioxidants. Win-win!

To witness Summer enjoying her blueberry snack, watch the video below! Was it relaxing for you to watch? For some reason, it was very therapeutic for me!

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Source: Reshareworthy

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