Newly-Wed Couple’s Reception Takes A Turn When Groom Starts To Dance

I remember the time when I was planning my wedding. We started the process about a year and a half in advance and it felt like everything went by so quickly! I think this happens primarily because there is so much involved in the process, and when you’re finally living out your big day you’re so caught up in it and don’t keep track of time! Well, you shouldn’t keep track of time, that’s for sure!

When you’re planning a wedding you have to think about everything that’s involved: catering, decor, cake, venue, DJ, and the entertainment for the guests!

After getting through a majority of the list above, all I had left was the entertainment part, and this was with six months left in my big day! So, my bridal party and I got to work! We decided that we’d do a surprise dance for everyone at the reception, and this included my husband! We got to work, practicing to some of mine and my husband’s favorite songs. I was super sure that it would be a great surprise, and it definitely was! Everyone loved all the personal elements and touches we put into the routine, and the best part was that it was an amazing surprise for my husband!

Now, things happened kind of similar in the video below, but the groom is the one giving his bride the surprise! It’s clear, from her reaction, that she had no idea that her husband was going to get on the dancefloor with his groomsmen and start shaking a leg — it was a fully choreographed dance routine!

The video starts with the couple of the hour seated at the front of the dancefloor. It looks like the groomsmen are collecting on the floor, ready to start a dance performance. Nothing new about this, totally typical for groomsmen and bridesmaids to put something together for the special couple. At this point, the bride isn’t thinking much of it.

They even start the routine, with each of them turning around to face their audience. That’s the groom’s cue because he gets off his seat, says a few words to the bride, and then joins his boys on the dancefloor. He takes his spot right in the middle and the group is off, giving the guests, and the blushing bride, a funfilled dance to watch!

The men add some funny elements in there that you don’t want to miss!

Click on the video below and watch this surprise dance unfold!

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