Devastated 2-Year-Old Drops To Floor In A Tantrum After Meeting Newborn Sister

In life, the only constant is change, and sometimes, those changes come hard and fast! They can be small like jazzing up the living room with a fresh coat of paint or replacing cow’s milk in your coffee with almond milk. Maybe it’s taking a new route to work to liven up your daily routine or reading a new book to change your point of view. And then there’s the big change, like that really big change, like the new human that you’re apparently related to, who decides to suddenly show up!

From a child’s eyes, this happens totally out of nowhere! Mom had a really big belly one day, then she disappears for a night and now the whole family is crammed around the hospital bed oohing and ahhing over a tiny new mini human. While everyone is thrilled about the new arrival, there’s one member of the family who’s having a hard time wrapping her head around what just happened.

Piper is two-years-old and she just got bumped up from being an only child to now taking on the role of big sis. Except, she’s not too thrilled about the promotion. She just found out that her little sister is here and here to stay, and Piper doesn’t want anything to do with it, so she’s throwing a temper tantrum. The poor toddler has worked herself up into a tizzy, as she yells, and screams and dramatically falls to the floor. Dad is trying to get a little more information out of her by asking questions, “Piper, do you want to go give your baby sister a hug? Don’t you like your sister? She’s so little and so sweet…you don’t like your new baby sister? Are you upset you have a new sister?” All the kid replies is, “NOOOO!” multiple times in between grunting and moaning.

The distressed toddler drops to the floor and starts to roll around. Dad switches up his approach to try to win her over, “Do you want to give mommy a hug? Do you want to give daddy a hug?” The poor dear still wants nothing to do with anyone! She is visibly upset as dad tries to coax her. She’s lying on her stomach, her face squished into the wall when she eventually warms up, sort of, and gets up – but then gets upset all over again!

Click below to watch this toddler begin to come to terms with her little sister. Hopefully, mom and dad reinforce that Piper is still loved, and not being replaced with a new baby, rather, they’re just adding to the family. The more the merrier!

Source: Rumble

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