Teen Girl Seeks Help From Car Dealership To Fix Family’s Van

From a very young age, we are taught not to talk to strangers. Though it’s a sad reality, it makes complete sense. The majority of people that a child meets are not in any way seeking to cause harm to the child, but unfortunately, the few that are, have created a situation where children learn about “stranger danger” and are aware of their surroundings and potential safety risks.

The internet adds another layer to this danger. Children and teens are taught to be careful who they speak to online. But, like in the real world, not everyone you talk to online wants to hurt you, in fact, there are some wonderful people out there who just want to help. Think about all of the crowd-funding websites like GoFundMe.

Someone has a problem that they need help with and friends, family, and yes, strangers can donate to help the cause. Or, in the instance of the James family, a simple email to a local car dealership brought some much-needed assistance.

Maiya James is only sixteen-years-old, but every day she watches as her family faces some harsh realities. Her sister, Mariah, is severely disabled and requires around-the-clock care. Her mother works extremely hard to support the family and get Mariah to her doctor’s appointments, in the family van. When the van broke down, there was no money for repairs and the entire family was devastated. With few options, Maiya reached out to a local car dealership – Dani’s Auto.

Maiya shared the family’s story, and Joe and Dani Levi decided to help. They showed up at the family’s door with a huge surprise. They weren’t just repairing the van but giving the James family a new one!

Watch the entire story in the video below. Please like and share this heartwarming story of kindness and give Dani’s Auto the recognition they deserve.


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