Three-Legged Dog And His Duck Friend Get Adopted Into A Forever Home Together

Do you ever get a first impression of someone and think that you would never get along with them because they’re too different from you? Maybe you’re the sporty type, and they’re more laid back. Or, they might be on the shy side while you might be louder and more assertive. Compatibility plays a big role in whether or not we choose to become (and stay) friends with someone after all. And, usually, we gravitate towards people we find things in common with, such as sense of style, taste in music, lifestyle, pet peeves, and interests.

Sometimes, though, our apparent differences aren’t enough to prevent or break a friendship with someone. If anything, our differences can be the reason why we form a friendship with someone from the start. Other times, those dissimilarities mean nothing if we’re able to look past them and focus on what we do have in common, even if it isn’t much.

Well, that was the case for Sirence the three-legged dog and a white duck by the name of Thing Two. Although a canine and a bird seem like an unusual pair, the two were raised together in Texas.

Eventually, they were brought to the Garland Animal Shelter together. The staff instantly saw their connection and made sure that they’d be adopted to a family that would care for them both. Fortunately, they did find a shared forever home, and it didn’t take long!

“We like it when we see any animal get adopted out, but when you have a case like this, they’re bonded, we’ll call ’em brothers you know, they’re going home together so that’s our ultimate goal and I think they’ll be happy as well,” a team member at the shelter shared with Fox 4 News.

Sirence and Thing Two are pictured together below. While they share very few physical similarities, it’s what they share on the inside that makes them great pals.

With smiles on both of their faces, it’s clear that Thing Two and Sirence thoroughly enjoy being around each other. Now living in the same home, there’s nothing that can stop them from living life together in harmony.

Sometimes the best friendships are formed among the least-likely pair of individuals, and there is nothing wrong with that!

While the shelter workers are saddened to see the two go, they know they have gone to the right home, and most importantly, under one roof.

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Source: Reshareworthy

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