Peel Garlic In Ten Seconds! And Here Are More Great Kitchen Hacks Where That Came From.

I’m not a cook and it’s actually a little bit embarrassing. I often spend an evening at a friend’s house and as we chat and drink wine and cocktails or just sip some lemonade, and they always seem to have the most delicious food. They just pull out a few fresh ingredients from the fridge and put together something quick and tasty. I’m always impressed with others’ knowledge and ease in the kitchen. I just don’t seem to have the knack. At my house, I manage to pull out some chips and salsa. At least I put them on a separate plate and in a decent bowl before I serve them, but still. So, in the effort to broaden my kitchen skills, I’ve discovered this video with some amazing kitchen hacks that even I can handle. I’m looking forward to showing off my new found skills!

I’m often reluctant to buy fresh lettuce, even though I really enjoy it for salads and sandwiches. But, I hate when it wilts in just a few days and is wasted. Apparently it just too much moisture, and if you store it in a bowl with a paper towel, it will last so much longer!

But that’s just the beginning! I never considered using my favorite yogurt for a healthy, frozen treat. All it takes is a spoon and a popsicle stick. Even better, just frozen grapes are the perfect summertime snack. For more easy ways to enjoy fresh fruit, this video has an amazing orange peel hack and simple mess-free cherry pitting tip.  Keeping fresh basil is no longer an issue with a simple storage tip and enjoy even more fresh flavors with the easiest way to peel garlic that I’ve ever seen. There are more quick and simple tips to help you become a kitchen expert!

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