Triplets Are Excited When Dad Comes Home

In recent years, the number of dads staying home with children, while mom goes back to work and provides the primary income for the household, is increasing. As long as everyone in the family is happy with the situation, it shouldn’t really matter who is the main caretaker of the children and who is the breadwinner. Even if both parents work and the children are in daycare, everyone has to do what is best for their individual needs, homes, careers, and kids.

According to Pew research: “Dads are much more involved in childcare than they were 50 years ago. In 2016, fathers reported spending, on average, eight hours a week on child care – about triple the time they provided back in 1965. And fathers put in about 10 hours a week on household chores in 2016, up from four hours in 1965. By comparison, mothers spent an average of about 14 hours a week on childcare and 18 hours a week on housework in 2016.”

“It’s become less common for dads to be their family’s sole breadwinner. About a quarter of couples (27%) who live with children younger than 18 are in families where only the father works. This marks a dramatic change from 1970 when almost half of these couples (47%) were in families where only the dad worked. The share of couples living in dual-earner families has risen significantly and now comprises the majority of two-parent families with children.”

While demographics change over time for a wide variety of reasons, there are some things that always stay the same. For children with one or more parent that works outside of the home, they miss their parent or parents and are delighted when they finally arrive home and they get to spend time with them.

For the triplets in this video, the moment their dad comes home is one of their favorite times of the day. When they hear dad’s car pull in the garage, they scurry to the couch, climb up, and sit quietly and wait. I imagine that with three young boys, this is probably the quietest moment they have all day, except for when they are sleeping.

Dad starts the adorable homecoming ritual when he peeks around the door and sees the boys. As soon as they recognize their dad, they start giggling and that’s when the fun begins. Dad dashes towards all his sons and becomes the tickle monster, tickling them gently as everyone laughs and smiles. This part of their daily routine is just too cute.

Watch the heartwarming family moment in the video below. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face!

Source: FaithTap

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