Newborn Twins Console Each Other

One child is a handful. Between diaper changes, tantrums, feedings, and everything that comes with raising a new baby, it might even seem like you’ve got not one, but two hands full at times! Managing your time and resources while balancing life and the intricacies of being a new parent means it’s game on 24/7. You have to hit the ground running and be prepared for anything. Babies don’t come with instructions!

And then there are the times when instead of getting one precious little bundle of joy, mother nature has other plans, and you get twins! Everything becomes times two. Double the diapers, double the feedings, double the crying but also, double the love, double the family and double the joy!

This video is a heartwarming example of the incredible bond twins share. These two baby boys are only a few moments old, and already they’re showing us how connected they are. Still in the hospital, after they’ve been cleaned up and outfitted in diapers and quite possibly the cutest little hospital hats I’ve ever seen, the babies are lying on their backs head to head – and shrieking!

They appear rather inconsolable, upset, and scared. Their little eyes are shut closed, and they’re screaming out loud, in tandem – literally at the same time! They’re carrying on for a moment until something truly beautiful happens. They both consciously pick up on the other twin’s presence; each one realizes they aren’t the only one crying and that they aren’t alone, and all of a sudden, their breathing and crying slow down. Almost immediately! They are both tuned into each other, and it’s like once they caught on that the other was there, everything came to a peaceful standstill.

They are curled up close to each other, their faces right beside one another’s, and they just totally shut down. As if by magic, their crying comes to a halt and they calmed down immediately, drifting off into this sleepy dream-like state. This is a beautiful step in their relationship. After having grown up in utero, now they begin their life together after birth. This co-bedding moment is enough to make every parent’s heart melt and is the first of many more touching moments to come.

Click below to watch this beautiful bonding experience between twins that’s so important for their development and well-being. And will provide all of the photo opportunities imaginable!

Source: FaithTap

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