19-Month-Old Twins Dance Along To Dad’s Guitar

Sometimes you just have to drop everything you’re doing to play music and dance. It’s the perfect relief from a stressful day or just a really good outlet to let go of some loose energy! It stimulates movement and blood flow and just feels so good no matter what age you are. Plus, if you have a dance partner to boogie with, and a live musician to play on the spot, what are you waiting for? The time is right to shake it out!

These two tiny girls are 19-month-old twins who know, at such a young age, how to get down and have a little, okay a lot, of fun!

Decked out in matching plaid outfits and cute hairstyles, this dynamic duo is making the carpeted living room their dance floor. The two munchkins are standing around, waiting for their cue, when dad starts strumming the guitar and they immediately start to dance around. At first, both are a little shy, but they quickly warm up. Plus, with dad’s guitar playing, no one stands still for long! The first girl takes center stage, twirling and spinning, and loving the attention. The other girl stands in the back, bobbing up and down before she takes on her own version of “the robot.” She moves her arms, and I must say, I think she mimics the robot better than most people I know.

The first girl takes a little tumble, but her spirits are anything but dampened. She manages to pick herself back up and join her sister who’s now moving a bit more and enjoying the spotlight. Now they’re both at it, loving life and this moment in time. Their energy is contagious. When one girl slows down the other keeps going, encouraging each other to not stop and just keep moving! And, they’re pretty good too! They really give it all they’ve got, not getting bored or losing steam. Dad starts to wind down on the guitar before the girls are ready to stop. It’s a cute way to end though because they clap for him. They were the ones dancing, but they clap for their dad’s hard work. Mom totally grabbed the camera just in time to catch this precious moment.

Click below to see these two twins dance up a cute storm for their adoring parents.

Source: FaithTap

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