Unique Orchestra Group Makes Music Using The Sounds Of Typewriters

To truly survive in the music industry, you don’t just have to be good at what you do and be passionate about your work, but you must also be unique enough to stand out. Artists and bands don’t necessarily have to dye their hair neon colors and sing like Oompa Loompas on a sugar high in order to get noticed. However, they most definitely should have a creative streak of some sort.

I know of many unique musical groups, but nothing is like the Boston Typewriter Orchestra. When I tell you that their work is like no other, believe me!

Normally, orchestras include various groups of musical instruments such as woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings. Sometimes, an orchestra might also include the addition of keyboards, a harp, and/or voices. Either way, some common instruments you might notice as part of an orchestra are violins, cellos, flutes, trumpets, chimes, and the like. Most of us have witnessed an orchestra perform, been apart of one, or at least listened to one play on the radio.

The Boston Typewriter Orchestra, on the other hand, makes use of typewriters to make catchy, upbeat tunes that really make you want to get up and start dancing and prancing around. Thanks to their unique choice of instrument, their songs contain fun, industrial clicks and clanks.

Surprisingly, the music is very catchy. Part of me even wants to take up a hobby as “playing” a mechanical typewriter as a musical instrument! Who even knew an old technological piece from the past could be so harmonious when used correctly? It just baffles me.

It seems to surprise everyone else too, and many people are big fans of the orchestra.

Unfortunately, due to the virus, the Boston Typewriter Orchestra will be unable to have in-person concerts as they have in the past 16 years. The good news is, though, that they’re still making music, which can be heard from the safety of your home right from your computer.

In fact, the members of the orchestra recently came together video conferencing-style to play their new song together, “Unprisoning Your Think R.H.I.N.O.” This way, they can still deliver great music to their fans while remaining a safe distance away from one another.

As you wait to watch them perform in person, for now, you can listen to the Boston Typewriter Orchestra play their new song in the following video. They’re definitely unique, that’s for sure!

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