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Think and plan way a head of time. For example.... so and so has a birthday in 3 months, please ask for time off so you can come with me. This gives them time to get time off, for you two to plan, and they will be happy and not bitchy about it anymore... hopefully.
Jerk no. Doormat yes. You deserve much better. You owe his mother nothing, but if it makes you feel better send her some chocolates and a note apologizing or congratulations on winning or something. Make them expensive chocolates. Like you have unpredictable lol
Okay, I relate to nearly everything you said. But I have siblings doing it to me too. Asking me to babysit with hours notice when they know I have sleep/energy/health issues and a good heads up for when they need me. You are not the jerk and honestly I think you should have blown off your mom and done the whole prom.
Their son should be punished and no, no one has to share. Yes, it's nice but not a must. One son is a con artist while the other is his intended victim. I'm proud of the son who says no and stands his ground. You're not the jerk, but maybe punishment is better than playing defense.
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