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I guess she will be expected to skip the wedding too because her time and effort in learning a new language that she learned, because her sister asked her to, will outshine the bride again. When asked she should make it clear she doesn't want her in laws to ignore the bride to speak to her in their own language.
If he was working in the office you would still be drowning..... why not go back to work, help him with the bills and with the kids in daycare (which you both pay equally for) the house hold bills can be split and with nobody home during the day, there will be less mess and since he helps in the evenings and on weekends, nobody would be drowning or expected to do more than the other.
Your DOCTOR can't get a second opinion without your consent. What makes your dad so special? Is he a doctor? If he was he would be in trouble with HIPAA for what he pulled. I would shut him out of ALL life decisions after that. Don't respect my authority over my body? WhT would they have to say about what car or house I wanted to buy?

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