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NTJ Your husband needs to be more supportive. Agree, therapy is vital and couples counseling.
NTJ Doug is racist af and Patty is being used as the fall guy to pass on the message so he has a scapegoat. It's deliberate, go to HR and if you have a boss who isn't Doug, bring them with you. Also RECORD THE MEETING. You may need it for the attorney you're going to need if they try to fire you to cover their assets, HR is there to protect the Company from lawsuits. Not to protect the workers.
NTJ They just kiss, not "feel each other up". Look, since time immemorial people kissing has been a thing in movies, books, fairytales, cartoons, commercials, TV Shows, I could go on, but you get my point. No one has ever said "OMG we can't have CHILDREN seeing THAT" until it was same jerk couples, yet "mainstream" society whines about having "gay stuff" "shoved in their faces" while literally shoving heteronormative behavior into every aspect of our lives. Spare me the rhetoric about it being perverse. Not everyone is the same and it's a beautiful thing.
NTJ Your mil obviously doesn't respect your boundaries and honey, you're in it for the long haul. Been there. Done that, luckily we rarely lived in the same state. That said, I did my kids' ears early to avoid the drama/nagging/meltdowns I watched my sister's go through with their daughters over the whole esr piercing thing and it ended up biting me hard. Turns out. Both of them have a nickel allergy. Even surgical steel has traces of nickel that can trigger a reaction if the allergy is sensitive enough. It was... So cutesy little cheap jewelry was out, mil gave the cutesy earrings,, they ended up getting infected, it was a mess. Stick to your guns.
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