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YTJ, and next time you want a day off to study for finals, don't be upset when no one wants to cover for you.
YTJ, for not bringing it up in private and embarrassing her in front of a group. It's not what you said, but when & how you said it.
NAH. FWIW, I don't think it was a jab, lots of people outgrow that type of partying, whether they have kids or not. And if it WAS anything implied, I would assume it had more to do with their relationship to jerk/jerk than their decision to be child free, and perhaps a concern rather than jab. I'm no expert at assessing these things, but if you're still interested in partying like that after others have outgrown it, maybe it's time to evaluate your relationship with substances.
FYI, not weird of the therapist at all. For several different reasons. 1. Many therapists work primarily with family relationships OR individuals, it's a very different skill set. Especially in high-conflict situations, which can be it's own specialty. My state credentials even reflect those different focuses. (Licensed Mental Health Counselor vs Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) 2. The therapist may have felt it wasn't in your sister's best interest. They might have been afraid of losing rapport with your sister. 3. It is pretty standard practice to not see a couple for couples counseling if you have been seeing one party for individual therapy. Because it is very hard to be neutral when you have gotten to know one half of the couple so well. Tends to make you biased. Same reasoning would apply here.
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