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Sounds like someone needs to retire.
OMG don't do it! Ì gave my 2 kids my ex's last name even though we weren't forward 10 years, he hasn't seen or spoken to them in 8 years I'm married and stuck with my kids having his last name. It's a constant reminder of him and how awful our relationship was. Good luck with everything!
Royal Basil is right, they're NOT your friends. I have never had money, and often had friends who were much much better off than I was, but I never begrudged them for their privilege. Drop them and find people who care about you and your interests.
It drives me crazy when people say that they are "eloping" with just close friends and family. THAT'S NOT ELOPING. When it's just the two and whoever performs the service, that's eloping. Jesus on a rubber crutch.

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