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Ntj. YOU did NOT make an 11yo homeless. Her dad did. And they're not really homeless. They'll just have to live around the remodeling. If his house is so clean & neat, does he have maid service or does he do the cleaning himself? Either way, if your relationship progresses, expect your main job to be maid to both of them. I can't imagine he allowing his daughter to leave a trail of clothes every day at home! SO disrespectful! Good riddance!
Ntj. Also, do NOT let mom move in, even temporarily! Once she has her foot in the door, you're not going to get her out. Hubby sounds like he's still attached to her apron strings. Get some couple counseling NOW. And as others have said, get your money separate the moment mommy moves in. If he still wants mom to move in, talk to a lawyer. If he doesn't understand the added stress emotionally & financially that mom would add to your, YOUR family, then that's a red flag.
Definitely ntj. I'm curious as to why, all of a sudden, there is this stress from everyone for you to be there. Sounds like there was something they weren't telling you. If this continues I'd go no-cintact with your parents, too. They don't seem to care about your feelings, either.
We didn't have this problem. After the divorce, it was just 4 females living together. It's amazing what you could so when there isn't an option. Paint walls, build bookcases, etc. Sometimes, mom could be so dumb! But other times she amazed me with what she came up with.
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