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Next time tell her to ask the people that agree with her on the family chat, to look after her kids, when she needs a babysitter or to find a vegan babysitter and to send them with food, she wants them to eat. You were doing her the favour not the other way round, I don't care how anyone lives their life or eats what they want, but don't tell others to do the same.
Ntj, he probably only got back with you, when his financial situation got worse, you gave just the right reply, the only thing I would do is point him in the direction of the banks financial advisor and let him make the decision about, who helps him,
Ytj, so it's alright to ditch your wife for the thanksgiving , but she can't ditch you, (regardless the amount of time, she is away) thanksgiving, you are happy to upset your wife, by insisting she eats what your mum cooks or go hungry, but when she ofters a alternative, you are offended and it might upset mummy, what heartless wife you have, (that's sarcasm by the way). I wouldn't be surprised if she takes the week to think about the relationship, you need to think who is more important in your life, it's it's mummy, then go and live with her, most people would be happy having to cook one less meal and be happy that they have food, they want to eat,
NTA, I know what it's like to deal with a pregnant woman with hg, both my daughters had it, they lived at home, it was a struggle, without the mental health problems, you are not wrong for asking her parents for help, you all need as much help as you can get. Your son needs to get his priorities in order, I'm not surprised his wife is feels the way she does, if he won't phone her,
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