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I thought it was funny and a good idea, I think that a lot of "home tech support", should do the same thing, I'm am useless on the computer, but even I know how to change my password, occasionally I do ask my son in law, but only for major things, because I know how annoying it is for him to be asked all the time,
Tell her that you are "sorry, that i made her daughter sleep on the couch, it won't happen again, as you can make alternative arrangements, as I'm no longer suitable to look, after your child,". You have done alot to help her and she has the cheek to complain, most people would be grateful for the favour. If it was me I would start thinking about not doing so much, she is taking advantage of you,
Yta, your son is bullying her, he has said it enough times to make her uncomfortable, you were asked to talk to him about it and you just say he is curious and she needs to get over it. You are going to have a lot more problems with him, if you don't stop this now,
Ntj, who the heck borrows a dress and tells the owner, that they are going to alter the dress and they are not getting it back, if your grandma wanted her to have it, she would have given her the dress, I would just tell your cousin that you are not going to discuss it again and if they or anyone else's harasses you, phone the police, then block them all, make sure that they cannot get access to the dress,
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