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I personally have only one knuckle remaining of my pinkie finger and two knuckles of my ring finger and my thumb on one hand. I will answer the questions of children (generally 8 or younger - older than that I expect to have some discretion). I even managed to help one lovely little girl about seven years old who had lost part of her hand to a fire - she was so excited to see that someone with a partial hand could have a job. I have also made some quips about my hand - as to your co-workers, your joke, your body - maybe it will teach them not to be so damn nosy.
I am trying to imagine a crueler, most psychotic family than OPs and am falling short unless I turn to things you see on ID Discovery. Why this woman has not left OP and their nasty enabling behavior toward their abusive (and not the tiniest bit funny) relatives behind is a mystery.
I can see why she never confided in him. He obviously doesn't see or talk to her adult to adult if he's doing this kind of back-stabbing BS to her.
I hope the lady was gone from his life so fast she left a dust cloud behind her. What a self-centered, manipulative, childish, destructive, and inconsiderate clod OP is. And those are his good qualities.
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