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My youngest daughter had a problem with a bus driver when she was 14. He drove VERY fast down our one lane dirt road and slammed on the brakes at each stop. At the time bookbags were not allowed because of Columbine shootings. Her books slid off the seat and all over the bus. The driver kept fussing at her to hurry up so she told him what she thought of his crappy driving. The next morning the bus driver drove very fast right by her leaving her at the bus stop. I happened to be home that morning, I was usually on the way to work when the bus ran. I called the bus barn and was told I need to all the Board of Education...I got no answer so I drove my daughter to school and was sitting on the steps when the School Board arrived. Before I said a word, the head of the school boars said "Ms. Hanley, I know what the problem is and it will never happen again." I said "It better not and that driver better never speak a word to my daughter again." "

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