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You are not married. Why pay off a debt for someone who could easily walk away from you once it was paid for? If you had been together for years or were married, I would have answered differently but a relationship of one year with no commitment gives no assurance that it will last a long time.
NTJ The only one who caused her to fail was her. If she is blaming everyone but herself when things don't go her way and expecting people to do most of her work for her in school, guess what type of co-worker she will be after graduation. Yes, she will do little work but take credit for any work her co-workers do that she can get away with. She will kiss up to those in power and get raises and promotions she doesn't deserve while the ones doing the work will be left behind because they "aren't working to the standards she is". You did her future employers a favor if she learns from this.
You want the father who raised you with love to walk you down the aisle. Why would you want the man who treated you like you caused his divorce to be involved simply because you share DNA? Have your real dad walk you down the aisle rather than the one who sired you, then acted like he wished you weren't ever born.
YTJ Maybe he was sleeping around because he was trying to prove his masculinity to himself or others and once he met your brother, the relationship was more important than denying he is gay. Sometimes we need to step back and stop being the protective sibling. The relationship has lasted 6 months which is phenomenal for him apparently. It may not last forever but that is a risk everyone has to take in any new relationship. I know very few people who have not had their heart broken more than once.
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