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NTJ Possibly, she is thinking that it will be the last time she will be able to spend time with all of you because once the baby come she won't be able to just leave it. How long is your vacation? Can you offer to have her come just for a few days at the beginning or the end? Could you plan a few days another time before the baby comes to do a vacation she could enjoy with you? Try to find a compromise that will allow you to enjoy your vacation and still have a vacation of some sort you a can enjoy.
Something isn't adding up here. Is he taking care of the kids while you work and only working on days you have off so you can care for the kids? If so, I can see why he isn't taking your desire to take a day for yourself seriously. If he is the breadwinner, he can't afford to turn down work. Why If so, ask him one morning if he is working that day and if he says no, get ready and tell him you are taking your day off now. Don't tell him until you are ready to walk out the door so he can't line up work. You both should seek marital counseling because your marriage seems to be in more trouble than him simply not wanting to take care of the kids for one day.
NTJ If she can't afford a wedding dress because she chose to take a vacation with the money meant for her education, why is that your problem? Her fiance should buy it. If they can't come up with the money for one between them, they either need to have a wedding that doesn't require one or admit they aren't responsible or mature enough to be married. When they have kids, who is going to buy their diapers, clothes, pay for all the things a kid needs? You? It's one thing to help out someone when they are in actual need and another thing to support their leeching lifestyle. Message her back and tell her you can't buy her dress and suggest she get a job to pay for one herself. Your family has been supporting hers for too long already. If you do this, you will be continuing to encourage them to depend on you without even trying to support themselves.
YMBTJ You stated that mil bought a lot of it. If there were other containers of it, ntj. If it was the only container, ytj because you prevented anyone else from having some. Being pregnant is not a valid reason for poor manners. Pregnant women have managed to be pregnant for centuries without making the world revolve around them. This "I'm entitled because I'm pregnant and that makes me special " mentality has got to stop. Being pregnant is very incredible and pregnant mothers should be a little spoiled, but there is a limit.
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