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This is me.. I am the crazy gift giving grandparent. If I was personally told to knock if off.. I would listen. It would Never stop me from buying cool gifts, however I would keep them at my place full time and explain that they belong to all the kids who come over to play.
Start giving him a bill for each item he has Not paid for yet felt entitled to. Who leaves and packs up over ice cream? A child is who. Good riddance, if you pay majority of the food then my guess is you pay all or majority of the bills also.
Find yourself your own space. You will be paying all these bills and eventually you will become a FREE LIVE IN NANNY for your son and his wife while, still expecting you to pay for your share and without them even offering you any type of payment fir childcare. They will make it your responsibility since they took you in. Join some widow groups online or groups that interest you.
If your dad's brother showed up to the funeral, have you Ever stopped to think that, maybe they did have a relationship despite everyone else in the family shunning him. Your dad probably kept that part secret even from you so it won't slip and then you grow up not knowing his side either. Your uncle wouldn't show up for nothing
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