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That's the Problem with Parents having a favorite child!!!! They screw them up for life when they constantly baby one child and sweep everything away like you would a floor, they turn their "Favorite" into trash! Cut ties with them including your father and see how long it takes any of them to reach out. You show your grandparents the letter, I can honestly see them asking to give the letter to your dad and them garbage it like they did his life
So is one or both married to be messing around (that's what taken partner's describe sneaking around)
You are a nurse in training and it sounds like you got crappy hours and it is expected that you would come home tired and starving wanting quiet time to relax. And one of your bf's friends intentionally locks you out of your room so you can wait on them hand and foot after a long trying day. You are being used like the tool thats used for fixing the locks they broke on the door. Put up cameras in your home and doorbell ringer should have one also. What did your bf say when you asked about the broken lock?
My nephew is 9 years old and learned about periods since he was like 6 and he is now 9 and is Very respectful with young woman who have their periods. Girls get them at any age and we taught him to offer his sweater or jacket to any girl who has leaked through their clothes without loudly pointing it out. NO MANCHILD is too young to learn about thebody
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