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Ninastid, no life DOESN'T stop just cuz you're depressed but depression sure the jerk DOES stop YOU. I've dealt with it for most of my life, and it's TRULY crippling, not being dramatical. I've been homeless, sleeping outside homeless, a few different times because of it. Certainly not something I chose to do, not something that was ever my desire, not what I hoped for as a child growing up..... It doesn't allow you to live like a normal human being, in ANY kind of way. Depression calls ALL the shots, all the logic you can muster just can't stand up to it. It's an emotion. A painful emotion like you can't even imagine, that grabs on to you and just won't let go, no matter what you try to tell it. And Jazzy, there IS no 'manning up' to it. It's the saddest, loneliest place that hurts so bad that you contemplate suicide quite often. Just to make the pain stop. Decades of my life was mostly just waste. I'm not saying I didn't have my 'good' periods, but even then, my life was never totally 'right'. I spent the majority of my life just trying to get through each day, for MANY years. And I've also spent most of my life alone. jerk it took until I was 40 years old to finally start to learn who I actually am. Never really realized that there was SUPPOSED to be 'somebody' in there, if you can understand that. I was just plodding along with blinders on, struggling to keep going, no kidding. And while I decided that I liked quite a bit about that 'somebody', there was still a lot of depression. I eventually came to realize that I like myself well enough and I like being alone, and it's pretty much all I need. I'm 65 years old now, and while I'm a lot better, I'm still nowhere near 'normal'. But hey, I'll take what I can get
That's hilarious, I hope it finally shuts them up
That 45 almost knocked me over and she's asking for MORE? Tell her to sell that useless husband
Definitely the jerk, that poor kid. It should have been private, not in front of all those other kids. Bob's mom should have smacked you
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