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Yeah, that was wrong. Never was a prom kinda girl myself but I understand how important it is to most kids. TOTALLY not cool that you took that once in a lifetime experience from them
Forget that not stooping to her level crap, she needed an "uhhh, did someone else dress you and you weren't paying attention??"
Well OF COURSE the new mom wants her own parents there, no matter how close she is with her in laws or how much they've done for her. Your mom should understand that. And yeah, pictures or video..... not quite the same but good enough! As for the commenter who says only after she's home and ready, OH PLEASE! You are no different than every single one of us that has ever given birth. Do you realize how IMPORTANT grandbabies are to grandparents???? YOUR babies having babies, BEST thing in the whole entire world. Plus I can't believe you wouldn't want your parents there to share in such a wonderful thing..... and to 'show off' your beautiful new baby ;--) Eh, it is what it is with childbirth and we're all totally wore out afterwards, not exactly at our best, and everyone, ESPECIALLY YOUR PARENTS, knows this Not to mention, this is definitely THE moment when it's no longer all about YOU. Better get used to it
No, not the jerk, what is wrong with people?? You asked ONE time, and for a very good reason. And I gotta say, people get REALLY carried away with the 'boundary' stuff
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