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NTJ. I'd tell the sister to get things straightened out with her husband before I'd even CONSIDER watching the kids again. It sucks that it makes things more inconvenient for her, but the blame for that soley falls on her husband for being a spiteful vindictive jerk. I wouldn't put myself in a potentially bad spot like that and neither should OP.
NTJ. She is showing blatant favoritism towards her biological kids and expecting her stepson to do all the work for no pay or complaints. There are several red flags here. Not just the lying, but the fact that A. She was willing to throw her daughter under the bus and call her a liar when she told the truth. B. OP's son didn't come talk to him and just assumed he was in on the new chore arrangement. That tells me she's likely saying things to him behind OP's back. OP really needs to get to the bottom of this and find out the TRUE family dynamic, for his son's sake. Because clearly the one he set up with his wife is not the one that's in place.
NTJ. There are WAY worse names. Look at what Elon Musk named his son. There are people who literally take the first five letters of the alphabet and name their kids Abcde. Sure the names are old fashioned, but they are neither hard to spell or hard to pronounce. If OP and her husband are happy, stick with them.
The parents are the real jerks. Putting religion over your kid's future and education? GTFO of here. And news flash, hook ups can happen OFF campus too, so their reasoning is beyond absurd. OP isn't a jerk, and neither is MIT for their rules. The parents are the only jerks here for putting OP in a ridiculous, unfair situation.
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