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NTJ, and I'm glad the principal got fired. He not only encouraged the bullying the "triggered" kid was doing, but he dared to try and punish OP for not complying with the little jerk and standing up for herself. Stuff like this can do some real damage to kids, and if he wasn't willing to do his job properly and protect the right kids, then he needed to go. And I hope he never gets hired at another school.
Getting a haircut she doesn't like absolutely does NOT justify her threat. Like one person said, mental health is already stigmatized enough. The last thing needed is people like the mom using mental health treatment as a tool for punishment, especially for something this trivial.
NTJ. It's just hair and the mom's reaction to Ethan's haircut was so beyond extreme it's not funny. If she really thinks threatening institutionalization is the best and proper response to her son getting a haircut she doesn't like, then maybe SHE is the one that needs to be institutionalized, not him.
NTJ, and if it were me I wouldn't buy the kids that weren't mine a darn thing next time. They can go overspend their money on the expensive junk food and feed into entitlement all they want, but that doesn't mean OP has to.
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