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I don't get this pregnant woman turning into a shrew thing and blaming pregnancy hormones. Seriously? I have been pregnant 5 times, 4 kuds and even with cravings (fresh strawberry ice cream in a northern state in December) I never turned into a shrew. Quit giving pregnant women a pass because of their condition. NTJ and she told you to leave so you did. Too bad so sad
I had 4 kids under the age of 10, ran a girl scout troop and had 3 kids in softball, 1 in t-ball. We were never late. When you have kids you start getting ready earlier, you plan for minor disasters and allocate more time for the outing/trip. This is someone who cares nothing about your time or friendship and sees nothing wrong with blaming her lack of good manners on being mommy, first and foremost. I would drop her, stop inviting to meet her. If she wants to meet plan on being there 30-45 minutes after the time she gave. If she is on-time she can wait, if she is late, you didn't have to wait. No apologies should be given, good manners are priceless and at the same time cost nothing
So they are only around for the highs of your life and expect you to fund them? Nope, see ya
If this is her decision alone make sure your brother knows, if it is a mutual decision then they get neither twin. Too bad, so sad. Tell the kids what they have been planning and let them know you have their backs. Brother and his bride to be can go suck eggs. The only, meaner thing that done would be if the female twin stands up for her performance and instead uses it to blast the relatives (hate to say it, not really, but that would definitely be what my kids would do)
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