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Ntj keep those 2 around and do not stop yourself from being happy with K, just don't rush it !!! This is almost my exact situation, I'm engaged to my "k" and marrying him this year, I was scared too and almost let the best thing I had go... he'll listen talk to him but be happy
Ntj wtf is wrong with her.... if lying is OK respond next time with and she's a rocket scientist.. then a gap year to sure if that's fancy for never going to college ... agree while disagreeing jerk that it's embarrassing to late to her lie
Ntj at all 1.file a complaint with the police get a restraining order 2. Block her on all social media and phone make sure your parents do too. 3. Bring the order to campus security and tell them what sue drives and who she spends time with there. 4. If those people continue without her report them to campus security and tell them why, it will violate the restraining order. 5. Get restraining orders against them with proof using the reports filed with campus security and 6 enjoy the quiet life I had friends with crazy exes I learned for them to so they can watch the kid and keep the stress low. Good luck
Ntj at all do your mom a favor and get ahold of her phone and block tnemtoo
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