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You're ntj BUT you need to reconsider I'm a pagan and I'm a God mother to my brothers child, my niece. I have no regrets my fiance, her godfather is catholic ... it's not about the religious matter to him its about you having the title period.
Ntj this is a courtesy people should have ... I'm not of a culture that does this but because I had friends in cultures like this I always ask if I should take my shoes off ... it's respectful especially if there are children and toddlers that can get stuff all over their clothes and hands crawling around
Hey jerk just remember when you need something and he says pay me ... you'll get old and you'll need help and because you're being selfish and controlling (you do not get to decide if it is too soon or not) you will end up alone in a home where they treat you like dirt just because you wanna charge your son for a honeymoon vs just gifting him it for a week that you'd be paying for anyways
I'm pretty sure you the only one that's ntj ... he baited your wife and she took it hook line and sinker right in front of your grandma... she got played and she needs to accept it ... they will get a good laugh not at the topic bit just because she took the bait sooo easily I mean jerk I'm laughing st how she got baited ... getntoo hot headed and you lose your ability to smell bullshit and he was full of it
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