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NTJ. You apologized, she said her piece (although she over reacted), you said you'd try to do better, end of story. Now she needs to let it go and move on. If either of you forget then that person will be faced with consequences of the 'accidental' mistake. I've done the same thing and I've been fine. Some foods are ok. It's no reason to keep getting passive aggressive.
NTJ. Watch your mom. He's trying to isolate her so that he's the only one in her life and to break her down mentally. If she doesn't stay strong and independent his abuse will eventually turn physical. She needs to not let him control her this way and stop seeing him. But until she gets a wakeup call, someone needs to support her and stay in contact.
NTJ. Tell her this situation works the same as her job. You two agreed to certain conditions when she hired you the same way she and her employer agreed to work done and payment given. She wouldn't like it if her checks were handed out on different days or delayed a week or two here and there. She has bills to pay just like you. It's a business transaction and she needs to carry out her part consistently until you two ever change the rules. If it happens again, walk on, you don't need that grief.
NTJ. At a company work space that's just gross. The lackey needs some manners and to put a note on the can!
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