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NTJ and your father sounds like a Grade A Ahole .Spiking someone's food with the hottest sauce possible can lead to the Emergency Room and Even Death. Your father needs to grow The Fk Up
Yea the person saying you don't know the Trauma of a Child with Cancer .What the jerk you saying her and her Future Husband couldn't make it through if they had a Child with Cancer ?? Yes it's Horrible but she is Cancer free and is now Spoiled and doesn't know the word NO ! SHE ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT DESERVE A PLACE IN THE WEDDING BECAUSE SHE HAD CANCER ! If she has a job or gers one is she going to tell her Boss she's not going to do something because she had Cancer and deserves Special Treatment?? She's Spoiled And Entitled !
Just rid yourself of him , He's Toxic AF !!
OMG Dump This Huge Red Flag ! I saw your Edit But I would still Dump Her ! !
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