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I'm going with YTJ and kind of major here. I don't want to be harsh but I had parents like you. I was super skinny till puberty hit and then gained weight. That was embarrassing for my parent so my mom tried diets, she forced me to work out, and all it did was breed resentment toward them. Figure out how you can work WITH her instead of singling her out!!! The whole family should be eating the same way so it's so in her face thar you hate her for being fat. Because I can tell you that's the message she's picking up from you. That you hater her and you're hounding ONLY her.
As someone who has issues with my neighbors dogs (first few days after they moved in and now not on speaking terms) I say do whatever you need to. Their dogs attacked my animals and not one of them cared. Actually killed one of my animals I had to call animal control on them at least 3x. Finally at a point that I'm sick their animals coming into my yard bugging my animals that I will do whatever I need to do

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