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My dad's birthday was December 20th, his mom's the 21st and his sister's the 25th. Talk about getting lost in the shuffle. My aunt was in her 60s before she ever got her own birthday cake, had NEVER had a birthday party of her own (always combined with my dad's especially since they were only a year apart), so I made it a point to only send her birthday cards and presents. First year I did that, she cried.
I had an instructor like that. Same scenario, dosage calculations. She worked out a problem on the board and all of us in class looked at each other like "she is going to kill someone" because her calculation had her giving ten times the required dose. I got elected to, tactfully of course, tell her she was wrong. Took about half an hour of disagreeing with her, even with the rest of the class finally chiming in. For over 20 years, during every interaction with her, including when I was a patient and she brought students around, she was still giving me dirty looks.
As my grandfather always said, "it's sometimes not what you know, but WHO you know that can make all the difference."
Was thinking the same thing while reading. He definitely needs to see a mental health professional but with the paranoia being that bad, it may take an involuntary hospitalization to get the ball rolling. And yeah... what was in the bag??????
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