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As my grandfather always said, "it's sometimes not what you know, but WHO you know that can make all the difference."
Was thinking the same thing while reading. He definitely needs to see a mental health professional but with the paranoia being that bad, it may take an involuntary hospitalization to get the ball rolling. And yeah... what was in the bag??????
Harassment runs both ways and woman can be just as guilty. Would love to know what happened in regards to any charges against her. Have to say though... this right here, " She cursed like a sailor and had the manners of a chimpanzee, although I have seen chimpanzees eat with forks and knives, so I’m not sure if that would be a fair assessment regarding the chimpanzees."... oh man, I'm still chuckling at that one.
Sometimes the best revenge is a life well lived. Good for you!!
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