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Let me tell you all about your first week. You'll spend a bunch of time in the bathroom cleaning up blood and hoping this time you'll be able to poop. I recommend investing in Depends, it makes the clean up faster. Your baby will alternate between sleeping, eating, crying, and pooping Your husband will be trying to be everything everyone needs and you'll both be exhausted. There is no "sweet sugary alone time". It's war and you need people you can trust down in the trenches with you. Who cares if they're sleeping in your guest room .
I'm all for putting someone in a care setting when they need care, but I do find it odd that you complained that she throws cereal and sandwiches that you give her then in the next breath say she has diabetes that is unmanaged. Cereal and bread have a lot of sugar in them. GM sounds like a twat.
Move out now. You're an adult. You have been for two years. "My parents are affecting my mental health, I may go no contact over them posting photos of me that aren't Instagram worthy once I stop using them for free room and board in a few years".
Classic mansplaining
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