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I'll bet he doesn't want you to know Spanish that well. Maybe they badmouth you at these get togethers. Record a conversation and have it interpreted. Then you'll know for sure. Also, some people are not good teachers. Hubs may be that way, hence the impatience. Either way, I'd take a concentrated class and forget getting his help.
Oh brother. I'd call the Indian restaurant, tell them you're having a team lunch, and ask if some of your coworkers with food allergies can bring in Chinese carry out. If not, then call the Chinese place and ask the same. If neither will allow it, just carry out food from both places and eat in the break room. It seems like a simple compromise without causing mental breakdowns, hysterics and involving HR. How old are you all? Has anyone in your place of employment any problem-solving skills at all? Geez...
Oh goodness, NTJ. There is nothing more horrible than losing a child, but mom needs to get into grief counseling pronto. I'd suggest it to dad because she will not take the suggestion from you. Best wishes for all of you.
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