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His parents offered to pay for his travel and food like that wouldn't already be a given. As opposed to what? Thinking that YOU are going to contribute to his living expenses? That's one red flag among many. IF he lived with you, he would logically be responsible for half of rent and utilities, plus all of his own other expenses including food.
Buy a $20 white noise machine and put it in the guest room. They can use it or go somewhere else, or get up early when they visit. The bathing suit issue..either your brother is listing after your partner (ew), or your brother's wife is paranoid of that. In either case, it's THEIR issue to work on. I don't think I'd want someone staying in my house that was this obvious about their jealousy/fear/lust of my wife. It's weird, offensive, and awkward.
Your gift was perfect. Going forward, only give these kids educational, age-appropriate gifts because we all know that your brother is the one that wanted that PS5. NTA!!
So. Much. Drama. Good lord. He's a little bit the jerk for switching plans but you're a lot the jerk for being so over the top dramatic about it and also for making his birthday all about you and your vision of what should happen. Why didn't you go out with him and his mates and have the cake when you got home, whatever time that was, or have the cake the next day?
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