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NTJ. You don't need her keys- just take out the battery and she won't be going anywhere! If she shows this much disregard for the la now, it won't improve once she gets a license. She is the perfect candidate to cause a deathly car crash, killing herself, her passengers, or anyone in her path because she doesnt abide by or respect the rules for driving.
NTJ. Here are some replies: "No Worries!" "You do you, Boo!" "I'll take it into consideration!" "Have you tried the bean dip?" "Survey doesn't concern you!" "Miss Manners says that unsolicited advice is rude and useless!" "Not your problem!" Or just give them a silent thumbsup every time. No, not the middle thumb! Lol
For future reference: It costs maybe $4 to bake your own cake from a box mix! Another dollar if you need to buy a disposable cake pan because you don't own one. You easily could have made your daughter a darn cake with candles on her own birthday. I can't believe neither of you coukd figure that out?
They could be my neighbor. After 8pm, when the local grocery closes, I would have to drive 42 miles to find a 24/7 gas station/convenience store that sold the basics. There are plenty of similar rural places in the US and elsewhere.
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