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NTJ. If dog sitting is not pleasurable for you, DON'T DO IT! You should not have to displace your pet in order to house hers. Just say NO and mean it.
NTJ. She knew what she was saying. She's just rude & unkind! If she had any brains, as soon as she saw your reaction she should have said, " I'm sorry, it looks like I unintentionally hit a nerve". Instead, she is trying to twist the situation so she comes out blameless. You Dad is well off without her. Hopefully he can see that.
NTJ. Your family seem to want to control you but not control themselves. You do not have to tolerate being reprimanded, even by your grandparents. Mutual respect should have been established long before you turned 30 years old! Let them know that you will no longer tolerate being treated disrespectfully & you will extend exactly the type of respect that you are shown. If they cannot live respectfully with you as a grownup it is time to distance yourself from toxic people.
Your wife is the JERK. If she didn't want your parents at the party, she should not have invited her parents to YOUR birthday party. This was intentionally hurtful. This hurt could have been avoided if the party was just with your friends.
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