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Your "partner" is a taker & you're her patsy. You need to sever this relationship. She is all about money & VERY entitled. Over time she will take you for everything she can. Beware! This is a red flag!
He is enjoying the attention. It is time for both of you to seek other recreation, away from each other. You are both too young to make commitments. Remaining friends & jerk is still possible when you are not both on the same page but you both need some freedom & development time & so does he.
NTJ. You & your wife need to be on the same page. Instead, I hear you making all the decisions. Your MIL is not the problem, your wife & you need to have a meaningful discussion that puts your children first. Now you have another little one one the way. If your MIL is so devoted, encourage her to visit often or to move closer to you.
NTJ. Your advocated for yourself which is correct and proper. Your sister knows about your autism & did nothing but demand that everyone pay attention to her. There is nothing you can do but "let time cure all ills". You have made an overture to her which was ignored. Sit back & relax & let your sister come around. Hopefully, she will soon start acting like a caring adult.
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