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I would have told this (very immature) girl, "Sure you can wear my necklace, when I can sleep with your boyfriend, if you even have one." If she has any sense at all, that should stop her dead in her tracks. Since OP is already on shaky ground with SO's parents, that statement would have little to no effect on an already strained relationship.
All of these answers (and then some) are a perfect illustration of what is WRONG with the American education system. Of course it (education) is an your future, your daughter's future and the futures of untold numbers of kids that she will teach. To say teaching is a "second rate" profession does a real disservice to all teachers everywhere. This attitude is exactly why most teachers "go through the motions" of teaching or just "teaching to pass a standardized test" after putting in 6-8 years in some cases, not to mention all the money that is spent on this "investment", only to end up as a glorified "babysitter" 90% of the time. And trust me, the daughter will remember all this for the rest of her life, entitled or not, and it will affect the relationship they may or may not have. It is true that teachers should be paid WAY more than they are paid, but that is a rant for another post. By the way, OP is a MASSIVE jerk for contributing to the overall attitude that since teaching is "second rate" he is going to send his daughter to a "second rate" school.
OP needs to get out yesterday....parents are mad because they are losing a maid/butler and a steady source of income...I live in the south and unless there is some overriding cause to stay at home, most children are encouraged to go out on their own once they are able, usually as soon as possible after they turn 18. If they stay at home, for whatever reason, paying rent or at least part of house expenses is also encouraged if the child stays at home and is working. My parents tried the same thing on me that OP's parents are trying to do to them and it is not "normal" is jerk and manipulation, plain and simple. As I said, my parents tried the same thing on me when I turned 18, and I told them, "Live in jerk and pay for the privilege? I don't think so." I was out of the house and living in California before anyone knew I was gone. I had moved from Florida to CA in a heartbeat (moved with a bunch of friends) and never looked back. OP needs to get out ASAP, lock down their credit, get all the important papers and get a separate bank account set up so the parents can't get to the money. These people strike me as the type that would destroy anyone who went against them. Good Luck OP!!
Seems to me that, unless there is an underlying medical issue that should be checked out, this girl has "taken herself off the market". Apparently she thinks that since she now has a SO, does not have to put the effort forward to make herself presentable, attractive or just keep herself at a healthy weight for her own good. Either way, OP needs to stay out of it, because brother just wants a listening ear to rant to, not any advice that will make any sense. For that he's the jerk. Either way, this sudden weight gain and change in eating habits should be checked out by a medical professional.
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